40 Years

10 Countries

6 Continents

Our History

JOMAR was founded in 1982 and began as a Professional Services company that provided implementation and support services to companies that were developing and installing a new wave of integrated systems.

In response to the growing demand for fully integrated systems that addressed the full scope of Manufacturing and Distribution multi-site operations, JOMAR collaborated with a partner software firm and assisted in the marketing and development of the first generation of JOMAR ERP systems.

Since that time JOMAR has grown into a customer focused diversified software company that provides mission critical software to Industry Specific Vertical Markets, Utility Companies that provide Electric, Water and Gas Services and the Insurance Industry with the release of its Administration and Customer Service Integrated Suite.

The company has continuously invested and developed new generations of systems to meet the needs of customers transforming their operations through integrating the power of the internet and the web to the adoption of modern Private and Public Cloud Services.

A customer focused management philosophy combined with an innovation strategy to continuously invest in new software development and technology will provide the company with opportunities for future growth with all the customers and markets it serves.

JOMAR Milestones


JOMAR Incorporated in Cambridge Ontario Canada

1982 to 1984

Development & Marketing of JOMAR first generation ERP based on IBM Technology

1984 to 1994

JOMAR builds an International base of ERP Manufacturing & Distribution Clients


JOMAR USA Incorporated and Opening of Support Office in Charlotte NC


Construction of JOMAR 10,000 Square Feet Head Office Facility in Cambridge Ontario


Release of JOMAR ERP Suite based on JAVA for Microsoft Windows SQL and Linux/Oracle

2002 to 2008

JOMAR builds a new base of ERP clients on Microsoft Windows SQL and Linux/Oracle


JOMAR begins providing Professional Services and Support to the Utility Sector


Release of Utility Smart Meter Operational Data Store (ODS)


JOMAR expands its Collaboration and Development effort with its Utility Sector Clients


Release of ERP Utility Project/Work Order Based Asset Tracking

  • Capitalization of Assets
  • MDM Technology enhancements for High Volume processing of Smart Meter Data


Launch of the JOMAR Private Cloud and SaaS ERP Subscription Model

  • Long Term JOMAR Insurance client selects JOMAR to develop a modern Insurance Administration and Customer Service Suite


Final Phase Development of fully integrated Next Generation CIS/MDM/ERP Suite

  • JOMAR Private Cloud acquires new SaaS ERP Manufacturing and Distribution clients


Release of Insurance Administration and Customer Service Integrated Suite

  • JOMAR Insurance Client Implementation


Release of Fully Integrated CIS/MDM/ERP Suite

JOMAR acquires Utility Electric, Water and ERP clients in the JOMAR Private Cloud

  • Investment to expand the JOMAR Private Cloud to accommodate new clients
  • Release of enhanced Next Generation CIS/MDM Suite


JOMAR expands Utility Electric, Water and ERP clients in the JOMAR Private Cloud


Investment to double the capacity of JOMAR Private Cloud for new Clients


Investment provided to increase capacity of JOMAR Private Cloud

  • Release of enhanced ERP functionality for the Distribution and Warehousing Suite with eCommerce Integration, Industry Specific Advanced Performance Material Textiles and Process Mixed Mode Manufacturing Software Suites


Investment in Development of New Software Products and Technology

  • Release of enhanced JOMAR Technology Tool Kit that automates creation of  Web Services and embedded APIs to facilitate low cost easy integration and connectivity with any Third Party Software and Technology Solution across the full range of the JOMAR Software Products and Technology Platform.
  • Release of Settlement, Sub-Metering Services, Community Net Metering and Green Button Connectivity functionality for the JOMAR Next Generation Utility Suite for Electric Water and Gas
New Customer Projects and Partnerships

Milestone MOU Agreement with Group of 18 Utilities serving 234,000 Residential, Commercial  and Industrial Customers, after a successful Pilot Project and launch of full Utility Suite implementation  with a group member, to provide all Group members with a path forward to modernize and migrate to the JOMAR Next Generation Utility Suite.

Advanced Textile Software and Technology implementations On Premise and in the JOMAR Private Cloud for Customers that expanded through acquisitions of new plants and facilities.            

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