Next Generation ERP Solutions

Customer Driven

Industry Best Practices

Collaborative Development

Modern Technology

JOMAR Next Generation ERP Solutions are the result of Innovative Customer Driven Collaborative Development. Throughout JOMAR’s 40 years it has followed this approach and philosophy enabling it to consistently deliver New Generations of Systems that support the needs of organizations to apply new technology, adapt to customer and market changes, transform and grow their operations.

JOMAR Next Generation Solutions include comprehensive functions and features that are:

  • Innovative, Flexible and Configurable
  • Efficient, Simple, Easy to Learn with a Common Look and Feel across all applications
  • Designed with Configurable User Operational Hubs to easily manage daily workloads
  • Incorporate Best Practices across a range of Industries
  • Built on a Modern Scalable, Secure and Fully Integrated Technology Platform
  • Simple and Easy to deploy, Maintain and Upgrade
  • Provide our customers with a long term competitive low cost of service and ownership
  • Based on Open Architecture to integrate with Legacy, Third Party Software and Services
  • Deployable on Multiple Database and Operating Systems best suited to customer skillsets
  • Support the ability to Growth Internally, by Acquisition, Merger or Consolidation
  • Facilitate Streamlining of Operations, Automation and Digital Transformation
  • Adapt to rapidly changing Industries, Markets and Consumer Needs

The JOMAR Customer Driven Collaborative Development process incorporates input from key stakeholders and end users to ensure that its Next Generation Solutions include core embedded features and functions that promote Best Practices, meet Industry Specific requirements, streamline business processes and provide comprehensive configurable User Operational Hubs. This ensures our customers can operate efficiently, adapt and provide rapid response to the changes in the customers and markets they serve.

JOMAR partners with its customers in collaborative Pilot Projects to develop new functionality and technology that is required by our customers to expand existing markets, penetrate new markets or comply with new government regulatory mandates.

Industry Specific Manufacturers, Advanced Textiles and Performance Materials Suppliers  are streamlining and automating their operations, implementing new production processes and technology, merging business units and acquiring new facilities to compete and grow with JOMAR Next Generation ERP Solutions.

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The JOMAR Cloud

Flexible Configurable

Open Technology Framework

Private Hybrid or Public

Learn how Startups, SME, Global Multi Site Manufacturers and Utilities connect worldwide, integrate
Business Units, Services and Technology Infrastructure to Scale and Grow in
The JOMAR Cloud



  • Assemblies
  • Molded Parts
  • Interiors
  • Tires

Aerospace and Advanced Composites

Awnings and Rigid Structures


  • Roofing Material
  • Road Surface Reinforcement

Consumer Goods

Environmental Protection

  • Filtration Air and Water
  • Oil Booms
  • Soil Erosion Prevention
  • Reservoir Water Preservation Lining Barriers
  • Recycling Plastics

Fire Protection

Geotex and Geosynthetics

Military Products

  • Camouflage
  • Inflatable Boats
  • Infrared Reflective Materials
  • Soft and Hard Body Armor






Sealants and Adhesives


  • Athletic Footwear
  • Hunting & Hiking Apparel


Industry Specific ERP Functionality

Automotive Release Processing

Fabrication and Assembly

Make to Order Job Shops

Process and Repetitive Manufacturing

Polymers and Plastics

Roll Goods, Slitting, Cutting and Tracking

Steel Coil Processing and Tracking

Technical and Performance Textiles