Insurance – Administration and Customer Service

On the Private Cloud or On-Premise

The JOMAR Insurance Administration and Customer Service Suite supports a full range of Insurance Products that includes Group and Individual Policies, Term, Life, Health, Disability, Medical, Accidental Death and Critical Illness.

The fully integrated suite provides the following organizational benefits:

  • Streamlined and Automated Business Processes
    • Easily adapt the system to existing and new business requirements
    • Streamline and automate existing and future processes eliminating manual workloads
  • Modern Technology Built for the Private and Public Cloud
  • Best Practices Implemented across the full scope of the Applications
  • Agent and Customer Engagement Portal
  • Scalability that supports Customer Growth
  • Simplifies the acquisition and merging of new Insurance Business Units
  • Facilitates Low Cost Administrative Service objectives through modern design concepts, Configurable Business Rules and continuous adoption of new proven technology

The following is an overview of the integrated JOMAR Insurance Administration and Customer Service Suite.