Next Generation CIS/MDM/ERP Electric Water Gas

Innovative Collaborative

Technology Driven

Built to Support

AMI Smart Meter Technology

Renewable Energy

Water Conservation


Next Generation Customer Information System

Engage Collaborate Transform

Customer Information System (CIS)


  • Modern Current Technology CIS that Supports Regulated and Deregulated Markets
  • Promotes Innovative thinking and change throughout the Utility Organization
  • Adaptable Business processes support the transformation of a Utility as it pursues Renewable Energy and Water Conservation Initiatives
  • Best Practices Implemented across the full scope of the CIS Application
  • A True Multi-Utility Enterprise system that Seamlessly integrates multiple entities, commodities and services across the entire customer base
  • Facilitates and speeds up the launch and implementation of new products and services
  • Simplifies the acquisition and merging of new business units and assets that may be required by Utilities to grow or meet new government service mandates
  • Scalable Modern and Built for the Private and Public Cloud
  • Designed to meet high volume data processing demand of Smart Meters & AMI Technology
  • Open Technology Framework supports integration of Third Party Software and Services
  • Low Cost of Service Utility objectives are supported through modern design concepts, Configurable Business Rules and continuous adoption of new proven technology

Streamlined & Automated Business Processes

  • Flexible Configurable Business Rules that allow Utilities to:
    • Easily adapt the system to existing and new business requirements
    • Streamline and automate existing and future processes eliminating manual workloads
    • Accommodate existing and future Regulatory requirements

Customer Account and Premise Management

  • Account and Premise Management Hubs
  • Account ‘Wizard’ – Streamlined Account Management / Move In / Move Out
  • Dashboards provide Summarized Views of Detail such as Consumption with Drill Downs
  • Customer Service Hub provides fast easy access to all Customer and related Premise Data
  • Detail Audit Trails track all changes and updates
  • Automated Account Move Clearing House

Comprehensive Configurable Billing Rules Engine 

  • Billing Calculation Templates support Simple and Complex Rate Structures for all Commodities and Services
  • TOU / Interval / Manual Reads /Streetlighting
  • Retail, Tiered, Spot Market Rates, Interval Pricing, Owned Transformer and Primary Metering Discounts
  • Commodity Specific Calculations and Attributes such as Compound Meters, Meter Size CTs / PTs/

Meter Data Management (MDM) Integration

  • MDM integration provides Comprehensive Validation, Edit and Estimation Rules (VEE) ensure Quality Meter Data and Data Integrity
  • Centralized Meter Data Management Repository
    • Consolidation of all meter data residential/commercial/consumption/generation
    • Suite Metering
    • Virtual Metering
    • CTs / PTs / Meters / Locations / Electronic Record of Installation (ROI)
    • kWh / KW / KVA / KVAR / MV90 / Walk Reads

Billing Determinants and Bill Processing

  • Billing Management Hub Provides Billing Staff with quick access to all Relevant Billing Data
  • Billing Quantity Request/ Response Processing Hub Streamlines MDM Integration
  • Configurable Billing Pre-Bill and Processing Edit Rules
  • Pre-Bill Validation and Threshold Edits
  • Centralized Pre-Bill Edit Hub
  • Date Effectivity across all Billing Determinants including rates, cycle, primary metering
  • As of Date processing
  • Monthly Billing
  • Time Based Transaction processing
  • Automated Billing Processes support – TOU / Interval / Manual Reads /Streetlighting
  • Retail, Tiered, Spot Market Rates, Interval Pricing, Owned Transformer and Primary Metering Discounts
  • Equal Payment Plans (EPP) and EPP Calculator
  • Pre-Approved Payments (PAP)
  • Supports Bill Calculation of Configurable Smart Meter Intervals such as 5, 15, 30, 60 minutes
  • Multipliers and Global Adjustment
  • Streamlined Generation Processing – Net Metering, microFIT, FIT
  • Unbilled Revenue
  • Configurable Bill Print Presentation
  • Bill Consolidation and Parent Account Grouping
  • Automated Billing Settlement & Global Adjustment Processing
  • Automated Generation of Mobile Service Orders

Customer Deposit Administration

  • Deposit Administration Management Hub
  • Automated Calculation of Deposit Amounts
  • Agreements, Refunds and Transfers

Collections and Delinquency

  • Collections and Delinquency Management Hub
  • Configurable Delinquency & Collection Processing Rules
  • Automated Delinquency & Collections Processing with ‘Promise To Pay’ Overrides

Retail Billing and Settlement Services

  • Configurable Transaction Processing Rules
  • Enrolment, Usage, Hold, release, Reversal, Settlement, Archiving
  • Automated Retail Billing and Settlement Services

Meter Inventory Management

  • Inventory application supports Meter and Equipment Lifecycle Management
  • Serial# and Lot Tracked Perpetual Meter Inventory
  • Fully Integrated with Mobile Service Order Processing and Purchasing

Webservices (MultiSpeak/SOAP/open API’s) support Third Party Software Integration

  • Customer Self Service Portal
  • e-billing
  • Automated Bank Services processing of bank and credit card payments

Trade Shows



Customer Self-Service Move In/Out Portal

The JOMAR Customer Self Service Portal supports Electric, Water and Gas Utilities is fully integrated with CIS and includes the following My Account features and functions:

  • Customer Registration
  • Automatic eBill Enrollment
  • Account Links and Inquiry: Payment Options, Rates, Utility Website, Energy and Water Conservation Programs
  • Email Alerts and Notifications
  • Customer Usage and Supporting Analytics
  • View Bill and Make Payment
  • New Account Applicant
  • Move In / Move Out of Territory No New Service
  • Integration with CIS Pending Moves CSR Hub
  • 24/7/365 Availability
  • Integration with OMS Outage Maps and MDM Alarms/Events   
  • Industry Standard Webservices support integration and consolidation of data from Third Party Customer Portals


Mobile Service Orders

Automatic Service Order Creation

  • Collections and Delinquency Hub (Disconnect – Non Payment)
  • Stale Meter Rules (i.e. 72 hours stale, 5 day stale) – Meter Change Out
  • The Meter Data Management Rules Engine monitors Meter and AMI Health

Configurable  Mobile Service Order Processing

Configurable Service Order Examples

  • Connection
    Apartment Suite Meter
    Commercial Meter Only
    Commercial OH New
    Commercial UG New
    FIT New
    Microfit New
    Residential Meter Only
    Residential OH New
    Residential UG New
    Temporary OH New
    Temporary UG New
    Unmetered Connection New
    • Meter Change
      Meter Change: Existing
      Meter Change: Gov’t Reverification
      Meter Change: Inspection Required
      Meter Change: Net Meter Installed
      Meter Change Defective: Dead
      Meter Change Defective: Moisture
      Meter Change Defective: Other
      Meter Change-eepromm error
      Meter Change-Phase A low potential
      Meter Change-Register memory error
      Verify Meter to Unit
      • Permanent Disconnect
        Removal Of Service
        Removal of Meter
      • Service Upgrade
        Commercial Upgrade
        Panel Change
        Service Repair
        Net Metering
        Residential OH Upgrade
        Residential UG Upgrade
      • Temporary Disconnect
        Nonpayment Disconnect / Reconnect Temporary – Safety
        • Water
          Water – Customer Complaint
          Water – Final Read
          Water – General
          Water – Meter Change
          Water – New Meter
          Water – Payment Arrangements
          Water – Remove Meter
          Water – Verify Read
        • General
          Billing Adjustment
          Consumption PreBilling Check
          Consumer Station Guarantee
          Cust Serv: Actual Read Required
          Emergency Repair
          High Bill Complaint
          Layout: Overhead
          Layout: Underground
          Meter Check Customer Request
          Micro-Fit/Fit Re-Assignment
          Meter Reading Maintenance
          Meter Reading Request
          No Consumption Check
          Power Quality Investigation
          Safety Check
          Smart Meter off by Customer
          Smart Meter Investigation
          Smart Meter Stale
          Stations Maintenance
          Stray Voltage Investigation
          Theft of Power Investigation


        Meter Data Management (MDM)

        WHY JOMAR

        The JOMAR MDM is a modern system designed to support high volume processing requirements of Smart Meters deployed with AMI Technology. The benefits and advantages of the MDM include the following: 

        • Scalable and Configurable
        • Supports Renewable Energy and Water Conservation Initiatives
        • Simple and Easy Deployment that integrates with multiple AMI Technology
        • Automated Business Processes provide efficient ease of use Operations 
        • Seamless Integration across multiple Utility Entities and Systems
        • Consolidates all sources of Meter Data into a comprehensive Meter Data Repository          
        • Dashboard Analytics support Electric, Water and Gas KPI’s 
        • Configurable Data Validation Rules Engine (VEE) ensures Quality Meter Data
        • Supports CIS Simple and Complex Billing Rate Structures and associated Billing Determinants
        • Automated triggering of Mobile Service Orders (Connect and Disconnect)
        • Configurable AMI and Meter Health Operational Rules Engine
        • Real time Meter Alarms/Events Listener
        • Leak Detection and Analysis
        • Water Conservation Alerts and Messaging integration with Mobile Customer Portal  
        • Supports Transformer Load Analysis and Power Quality Study    
        • Outage Management Support with Asset Ping Services

        Summary of MDM Features

        User Configured AMI / Meter Health Operational Rules Engine

        User can create Rules to monitor Water Leaks including Leak Detection, Usage Thresholds, Stale Meters, VEE, Alarms/Events, Meter Change Outs and more. This includes Notification and Automatic Service Order creation for Active/Inactive Locations by Meter Type and/or Vendor. Rule Results are aligned with the Imported Billing Schedule, prioritizing Meter Shop activities with ‘Days to Bill’ timelines.

        User Configured VEE (Validate, Estimate, Edit) – Like Days & Class Profile Interval Scaling

        • Service Location ‘Like Days History’.
        • Class Profiling and Event Quantity estimation algorithms respect a Statutory Holiday Calendar. These algorithms are configured by Rate Class and/or Service Location and include Same Day, Week, Year; Max/Min Occurrence; Apply Max, Min, Average or Actual Intervals for scaling to the Registers.
        • Algorithms are date effective and multiple algorithms, sequenced, can be deployed as configured for each Rate Class or Service Location (i.e. Like Days fails and Class Profile is launched).

        MDM Billing Quantity Request CIS Integration

        User Configurable Meter Read Export includes:

        • Population – Rate Class, Meter Type, Location, Meter; Date Range
        • Unit of Measure; Quality – Actuals, Estimates, Actuals & Estimates
        • Quantity – Measured (Raw), Multiplied
        • Duration (5, 15 and/or 60 minute Intervals) can be rolled up and exported
        • Export Format can be JOMAR Web Services (Rest API JSON, SOAP XML), MultiSpeak XML, ESRI or Hexagon Web Service, CMEP or CSV

        AMI MultiSpeak Integration 

        MDM Real Time Meter Read & Alarm/Events AMI Integration


        • GIS / OMS / SCADA Integration
        • Transformer / Meter List Ping GIS
        • Instantaneous Voltage/Current
        • Sending OMS Alarms to SCADA
        • Demand Algorithms
        • Rolling or Fixed Intervals 5, 15, 30, 60 minutes
        • A Real Time Alarm/Event Listener
        • Archives all alarms processed by the Rules Engine for Historical Analysis and for pushing specific events real time to GIS.
        • JOMAR MDM or GIS can ping a meter/virtual location/list of meters.
        • MDM receives the Ping Response and forwards it to GIS or any other application using MultiSpeak and that can point their Real Time Alarm/Event Listener to JOMAR MDM.
        • Meter Ping – GIS can send JOMAR MDM Assets from the Electric Grid or Water Network and JOMAR MDM will ping the associated meter(s), Archive the response and return required data to a JOMAR MDM screen, GIS Map or any other third party system.
        • Scheduled Meter Pings with effectivity dates and times. Engineers can build Meter (Location) lists and apply scheduled dates and times for the ping request/response.

        Aggregation CIS-GI
        S Request/Response

        • by Rate Class, Cycle, Virtual Service Location and/or Boundary Meter
        • CIS Billing can submit request’s or provide a data base table of Billing Quantity requests. JOMAR MDM will apply multipliers and return Start/End Reads for each Bill Period. These requests can include Virtual Service Locations and/or Compound (Multi-Channel) meters
        • Integration with CIS Billing allows JOMAR MDM to process and return Aggregated Quantities for Monthly Usage, Unbilled Monthly Usage, Unbilled Revenue ‘As Of’ Date
        • Aggregation can return quantities as Total, Tiered Usage and/or Time of Use Consumption.
          • Consumption can overlay and project TOU Water Consumption to pump station electrical consumption/charges
        Integration with AMI, GIS, OMS, SCADA

        JOMAR MDM integration provides:

        • Instantaneous voltage
        • Scope of power outage and resource requirements
        • Rapid crew dispatching and efficient power restoration
        • Scheduled Watch List from Meter Pings on selected Feeder Lines that return hourly Power Quality Study data for the Control Room and the Metering Department
        ERP and Financial Management

        The CIS, Mobile Service Order Processing and MDM is integrated with the full suite of proven JOMAR ERP applications that include the following: 

        • Financial Management
          • General Ledger
          • Accounts Receivable
          • Accounts Payable
          • Bank Services
        • Project Quoting, Estimating and Tracking
        • Work Order Management
        • Procurement
        • Contract Services
        • Asset Management and Tracking
        • Inventory Management – Distribution
          • including Reels and Cables
        • Capitalization of Assets
        • Preventive Maintenance and Repair – Equipment/Vehicles
        • Integration with Third Party Payroll and Human Resource Applications

        Integrated Work Order and BOM Processing Engine


        • Single Work Order/Job
        • Multiple Work and Purchase Orders/Job
        • Single and Complex Multi-level Bill of Material (BOM)

        Example Structure Maintenance Projects, Jobs, Work Orders, Purchase Orders

        Primary Job Site

          • Pole Installation (Work Order)
          • Contractor Excavation (Purchase Order)
          • Transformer Installation (Work Order)

        Secondary Job Site 

        • Street Lights (Work Order)


          Next Generation CIS/MDM/ERP Overview

          Utility Rental, Telecom, Internet Services and Property Tax

          The JOMAR ERP Services Billing, CIS Configurable Billing Templates Engine, Work Order and Configurable Mobile Service Orders functions support a Utilities’ growth strategy to expand beyond its traditional sources of revenue.

          The following are examples of the types of Service Revenue and Programs that can be managed and billed in the JOMAR Applications.

          Communications, Networks and Internet Services

          • Fiber Optics, Installation and Support Services
          • Local Area Networks (LAN)
          • Private Phone Networks, Hardware and Video Conferencing Services
          • Web Site Hosting and E-mail
          • Business Internet Services
          • Data Center Hosting Facilities and Co-Location Services

          Rental Services

          • Electric and Gas Water Heaters
          • Boilers
          • Rental Agreements Terms and Conditions

          City and Municipal Property Tax

          The CIS Configurable Templates provide the functionality to calculate Property Taxes, generate e-Bills and support Account Management. The Property Tax functionality provides the opportunity for a City or Municipality that, for example provides Water Billing and Services to the community, to have a streamlined single easy to use system. The City and its Customers will have a common system to review the status of their account services and a single payment process.

          The following features are included in the Property Tax Functionality:

          • Configurable e-Billing
          • Interim, Installment, Final and Supplementary Tax Bills
          • Residential, Commercial, Industrial Tax Calculation Templates
          • Customer Payment Processing
          • Account Management Hub

          Renewable Energy and Water Conservation

          Infrastructure Next Generation ERP

          Billing, Settlement & Regulatory Compliance

          Mobile Workforce Management

          Scheduling Resources

          Project Quoting and Estimating

          Work Orders & Maintenance of Equipment

          Post Implementation Site Maintenance