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JOMAR’s Visual Schedule Board

JOMAR’s Visual Schedule Board

Separate Visual Schedule Boards by Department

The Visual Schedule Board can be configured and modified for activity scheduling by department and reinforced with workflow management for event-triggered action messages and e-mail notifications.

WIP Work in Progress Schedule Board

To increase visibility of job schedules across departments, the WIP Board provides for sales order inquiries by order line items linked to work orders, customer ship to, sold to and credit information.  The user can also search by customer top accounts, departments, machine groups, job type and job status.


Visual Schedule Board

Visual Schedule Board Capabilities

Set-up by Department and Cost Center

Schedule Board Set-up and Definitions

Timeline can be set in days, hours, half hours and minutes

Calendars can be set at the plant, department, machine group and/or machine level

Machine List Filter allows for selection by department, machine group list, work order and linked work orders.

Legends can be defined and selected by job (work order), product, customer purchase order, job type and sales order type (i.e. domestic or export order, etc.).  Users can also define legends for selecting and locating work orders on the Visual Schedule Board.