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JOMAR Innovative Software
for Electrical, Water and Gas Utilities

The JOMAR Customer Information System, Meter Data Management and ERP have a
common architecture and are integrated to share data with Operations, SCADA and GIS.

Customer driven CIS Functionality 

The Configurable CIS Billing Rules Engine and Automated Billing Templates
increase billing accuracy and reduce administrative costs.

  • Virtual Net Metering, Single and Multiple Entity, Third Party Ownership

  • Account Move Wizard
  • Streamlined Billing Quantity Request for all Rate Classes
  • Automated Configurable Billing Templates
  • User Configurable CIS Rules Engine
  • TOU, Retail, Tiered, Spot Market Rates, Interval Pricing, Owned Transformer and Primary Metering Discounts
  • Net Metering, microFIT and FIT
  • Residential, Commercial and Retail Accounts
  • Suite Metering
  • Automated Settlement Processing and Global Adjustment
  • Customer Service Hub
  • Pre Bill Validation and Threshold Edits
  • Bill Consolidation and Parent Account Grouping
  • Bill Print Presentation
  • Future Effective Date/Time Billing
  • Customer Deposit Administration
  • Monthly Billing or Customer Request Bill Date
  • Automated Delinquency and Collections
  • Service Order Processing
  • EDI and EBT Retail Billing and Settlement Services
  • Customer Care, Engagement and Presentment


CIS is implemented on the JOMAR Private Cloud
and available for implementation On-Premise.


Meter Data Management

The Management and User Configurable Business Rules Engine retrieves meter data from the MDM Repository for:

  • Virtual Net Metering, Single and Multiple Entity, Third Party Ownership

  • Monitoring Health of Meters and AMI Network

  • AMI messaging, monitoring meter alarms and tracking meter registration activity

  • CIS Billing Rules Engine and Service Orders

  • Residential, Commercial, Retail, Virtual, Suite and Net Metering Account Billing

  • Asset Management and AMI Meter Instantaneous Voltage and Current PING for efficient Power Restoration and Power Quality Study

Logged Daily Meter Read Intervals

  • Full VEE Processing:  Tolerance Issues – FR/PR’s, time change, missing data, data precision, register validation, daily VEE and period to date VEE

  • Billing Quantity Request/Response:  Synch failures, large interval/register gaps from late synchronization and start/end of period registers

  • TOU – daily % meter read data and intervals for Service Level Agreement, VEE missing data with increased estimation requirements.

  • SCADA and GIS Integration



JOMAR’s MDM and Meter Data Repository are scalable, efficient and have been
bench-marked to process in excess of 10 million smart meters.

Unique Integration and Synchronization functions support billing
of Smart Meter data transmitted between multiple local Utility Companies
and a Centralized MDM Repository in the province of Ontario, Canada.

JOMAR MDM Water Pilot System



…was implemented using AMI
from the local Electrical Utility.
Water consumption data


MDM Software is implemented on the JOMAR Private Cloud and available On-Premise.

Control RoomThird Party OMS JOMAR Support
is integrated with MDM, SCADA and GIS

AMI Instantaneous Voltage and Current Ping provides for:

  • assessing scope of power outage and resource requirements
  • rapid crew dispatching and efficient power restoration
  • Scheduled Watch List with Meter Pings on selected Feeder Lines return hourly Power Quality Study data for the Control Room and for Meter Data Management


ERP Applications


Resource Schedule BoardERP Master Project Schedule (MPS), Rough-Cut Capacity Planning, Resource Planning and Scheduling, Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and Work Order Management support Engineering and Operations.

Warehouse Inventory Management is integrated with Purchasing and Sub-contracting Services.  Material and parts for Projects can be ‘Allocated’ in the Yard or to the Project Sites that represent ‘Logical Warehouses’ and they are excluded from the MRP processing runs.

‘De-allocation’ and the return of parts and materials to Warehouse Inventory takes place in case of a project delay or cancellation.


Financial Software Applications


... include GL, AR, AP, Financial Statement Generation, Capital Cost
 Allocations, Budgeting, Bank Services and Multi-Currency.


Virtual Net Metering and Infrastructure Projects



Virtual Net Metering

  • Single Entity (SEVNM), Multiple Entity (MEVNM), Third Party Ownership
  • Billing, Settlement and Regulatory Compliance

Infrastructure Projects

ERP, Mobile Workforce Management, Scheduling Resources, Work Orders, Maintenance of Equipment and Vehicles, Infrastructure Projects and Post Implementation Site Maintenance Management.

Available on the Private Cloud or On-Premise

Solar Farm


JOMAR Maintenance
and Repair Software

…includes Maintenance Routines and Repair Orders that are supported by the Visual Schedule
Board and provide a Repair/Cost History
for equipment and vehicles.

Complementary Software Functions

…provide R.F. Data Collection, Traceability
 from Suppliers to job/project completion, Workflow
Management, Image/Document Processing and retrieval
of information for attachment to equipment installation
and important legal records.



JOMAR advises our Customers on Cyber Security Strategy to reduce the risk
of Cyber Attacks to critical private information and company operations


JOMAR Private Cloud

Our professional staff provides support for our hardware
and application software so that the Customers
can focus completely on their business.



Option - JOMAR Disaster Recovery Site

…replicates the Customer’s Database from the JOMAR Private Cloud to the DRS over a
 dedicated and scalable high speed communications line to a separate PEER1 location..

Cybersecurity Icon
Third Party Cyber Security Software is integrated with the
JOMAR Private Cloud for automatic monitoring of inbound and outbound
traffic to reduce the risk of Cyber Attacks.


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