JOMAR Enterprise +ebusiness software

‘Next Generation’
Smart Grid Utility Software
 and Enterprise Mobility Solutions

‘Next Generation’
Smart Grid Utility Software

 and Enterprise Mobility Solutions

The CIS – Customer Information System, MDM - Meter Data Management, ERP and Outage Management Support
have a common architecture and are integrated to provide single data profiles that set
new standards for Smart Grid Utility Systems.

Smartgrid Utility Chart

Customer Information System

The CIS Billing Engine and Date Effective Billing Templates include user-configured rates and charges
for ease of use and quick edit.

Management and Key Users configure the Business Rules Engine to retrieve data from the MDM Repository for CIS Billing integrated with Automated Billing Templates for TOU, Tiered and Demand Billing to reduce data maintenance and to improve data accuracy.

JOMAR’s Customer Information System also provides: 

  • Bi-directional metering with Net Power Calculations
    and pricing for settlement
  • Suite Metering for condos and apartments with
     common area reconciliation
Service Order Processing, in real-time, eliminates delays in meter change-outs and CIS-Billing.

Meter Data Management

The Configurable Business Rules Engine provides data from the MDM Repository for:
  • monitoring the health of Meters and the AMI network

  • VEE processing and Class Profiling

  • Service Order processing and the CIS Billing Engine

  • monitoring meter collector performance and meter registration
  • Meter/ AMI Metrics and Demand Response Analysis
  • Outage Management Support and Asset Lifecycle/Load Analysis integrated with SCADA and GIS
Big Data Analytics benchmarked at 10 million smart meters in a single utility for electrical, water and gas meters.

Outage Management Support

Mapping and assessing the scope of power outages provides direction for crew and equipment allocations to the correct location eliminating delays in power restoration.

Maintenance can launch a targeted series of pings to the AMI based on the results of a GIS trace for a feeder reporting a fault.  This information can be utilized by the Control Room and Field Crews to assist in pinpointing the cause of a power outage.

Asset Management with Asset Load Profiling for transformers
and feeder lines are integrated with MDM, SCADA and GIS.

Utility Schedule Board

Schedulers link the status of Work Orders and Purchase Orders with Inventory Availability to provide real-time information for buyers and operations managers. The Utility Schedule Board provides ‘Schedule Bars’ for identifying projects and the ‘Schedule Time Base’ is adjustable for small duration Service Orders.

Mobile Workforce Management

is supported by Resource Planning, the Utility Schedule Board and Work Order Management integrated
with ERP and Costing.

Utility - Infrastructure Projects and Post Implementation Maintenance

Demand Forecasting and Inventory Planning for Wind and Solar Farms is integrated with
Work Order Tracking/Costing, the Utility Schedule Board and Fixed Asset Accounts.

ERP – Resource Planning and Scheduling

…is fully integrated with CIS, Financial Management and Outage Management Support.

Purchasing and Sub-Contracting.  On-line Purchase Order processing includes materials and sub-contracting services on P.O. line items for Capital Project Cost Allocations.

Warehouse Inventory Management.  On-line Inventory ‘Availability Checks’ for materials, parts, cables and wire spools is integrated with staging of materials and supplies at project sites and work order management.

Scheduling and Costing of Work Orders.  Jobs, projects and work orders are scheduled/tracked for status reporting.  Materials used and time incurred on Work Orders provides the data for calculating actual job and project costs.  ‘Allocations’ of materials to Work Orders can be ‘De-allocated’ if a project is deferred.

PMR - Preventive Maintenance and Repairs

PMR for equipment and vehicles is integrated with Inventory Warehouse Management, the Utility Schedule Board, Repair Order Costing and Asset Management.  A complete repair/cost history for equipment and vehicles is available for review prior to initiating the next repair order.  Warranty claims for utility assets are supported with serial number control.

Financial Software Applications

JOMAR’s Financial Software Applications include GL, AR, AP, Financial Statement Generation, Project and Capital Cost Allocations, Budgeting and Bank Services.  ‘Multicompany Financial Consolidation’ reporting is also available for a group of Utility Companies consolidated in a Utility Corporation.

JOMAR Hosting Services are scalable for Co-ops and other Utility Companies

Consultants can use the Configurable Business Rules Engine to retrieve data from the MDM Repository
to develop their own Demand Response Analysis Model and integrate it with the Utility Company’s Business Model.

JOMAR’s software development team has extensive experience to
 assist our customers’ IT staff and consultants to develop:

  • Meter/AMI Metrics and Demand Response Analysis
  • Class Profiling for Energy Conservation Initiatives
  • Transformer Life Cycle and Load Analysis integrated
    with Asset Management, SCADA and GIS
Updating of the Outage Map and using the Utility Schedule Board provide for real-time coordination of power
 restoration integrated with SCADA, GIS and the ‘Call Center’ during and after major storms or disasters.

High-speed Network Services and Data Center Support
is provided to JOMAR by PEER1 on a 24x7x365 basis.

JOMAR Hosting Services replicate the customers’ system and its database on a separate virtual
back-up server to restore the system and database in the event of a critical hardware or software failure.

JOMAR open architecture, ‘web-based and server-side software’, installed on MS Windows-SQL,
Linux-Oracle and IBM iSeries platforms, outperforms the traditional client/server model.


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