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JOMAR Innovative ERP Technical Textiles Software

…provides proven Textile Manufacturing Processes.

Engineered and Performance Materials 

Military ClothingMilitary Products

ERP Software for soft and hard
body armor, bullet proof vests,
parachutes and tents.

Camouflage Combat Uniforms


FirefighterFire Resistant Fabrics

ERP Software for firefighter
turnout gear, flame resistant
fabric for fire flash protection
and electric arc flash.


WindmillAirlinerAerospace and Advanced

ERP, Mobile Workforce Management, Scheduling Resources,

Infrastructure Projects and Post Implementation
Site Maintenance Management.



Geo Dig
Geotex and Geosynthetics Projects

ERP Software provides for quotations, manufacturing, fabrication, engineering specifications, a geo tests and test history, project scheduling and equipment/vehicle maintenance and post installation site maintenance management.



Automotive Interiors and Parts

ERP Software for Automotive Release Processing with third party EDI, tracking
inbound and outbound material requirements, scheduling, material authorization and
Just-in-Time shipping schedules.



HockeySports Products with Fabric reinforced Plastics

ERP Software for protective equipment and pads for athletes, safety equipment
for extreme sports, hockey sticks, skates, tennis rackets, skis,
snowboards, surfboards and skateboards. 



ERP integrates MRP, MES - PDM Database and Visual Schedule Board


  • MRP II ‘Available to Promise’ Delivery Date         

  • Master Production Schedule (MPS)

  • Rough-cut Capacity Planning

  • Material Requirements Planning MRP)

  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

  • Product Data Management and Database for QC specs, testing and test history, images, sketches, bills of material, routings, drawings, recipes and dye formulas

  • Product Configurator for selection of product options, sets and kits


Resource Schedule BoardJOMAR Visual Schedule Board

…provides Forward and Backward Schedulingfor plant load levelling.

Schedulers link work orders and purchase orders to ‘Inventory Availability’ and work-in-process to provide real-time information for plant managers, machine scheduling, customer services, buyers and shippers.


JOMAR Proven Textile Software Processes

…are integrated with ERP to improve quality of
manufactured products and to reduce manufacturing costs

  • Fiber Manufacturing             • Spinning             • Warping             • Knitting             • Weaving             • Dyeing

• QC, Product and machine specs             • QC Test History by style, SKU, lot and fabric roll

• Fabric ‘Quality Indicator’ eliminates assignment of new SKU for each quality

• Coating             • Bonding             • Heat sealing       • Finishing             • Printing

• Roll tracking             • Roll cutting and slitting with traceability to parent roll


JOMAR Software for Logistics, Work Order Management,
Maintenance/Repairs and Financial Applications

…integrated with ERP to improve Operations and Customer Services

• Customer Order Fulfilment             • Work Order Scheduling and Tracking  

• Warehouse Inventory and Purchasing Management

• Material and Parts ‘Allocation’ to Work Orders

• Deallocation’ due to delays or order cancellation

• Financials, GL, AR, AP, Financial Statement Generation,

Budgeting, Bank Services and Multi-currency

• Maintenance and Repair of machines and equipment


Complementary Software Functions

Workflow Management;  Data Collection;  RFID; Traceability from raw material to finished product;
Image/Document Processing with retrieval to append them to important legal and
accounting documents; and Dynamic Dashboards.


JOMAR advises our Customers on Cyber Security Strategy to reduce the risk
of Cyber Attacks to critical private information and company operations


JOMAR Private Cloud

Our professional staff provides support for our hardware
and application software so that the Customers
can focus completely on their business.



Option - JOMAR Disaster Recovery Site

…replicates the Customer’s Database from the JOMAR Private Cloud to the DRS over a
 dedicated and scalable high speed communications line to a separate PEER1 location..

Cybersecurity Icon
Third Party Cyber Security Software is integrated with the
JOMAR Private Cloud for automatic monitoring of inbound and outbound
traffic to reduce the risk of Cyber Attacks.


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