JOMAR Enterprise +ebusiness software

Steel Services and Steel Coil Tracking

Steel Services and Steel Coil Tracking

JOMAR’s ‘SPS’ Software solutions support steel processes in mini-mills and single or multi-site steel service locations


Planning for Steel Processes and Services

Scheduling Steel Processes and Services

Visual Schedule Board

The Visual Schedule Board improves the utilization of available capacity and enhances the flow of material across mini steel mills and service facilities. Services can be scheduled in real-time as the customers’ sales and services require it.  Schedulers review and select jobs for either auto or manual loading of cutting orders.

JOMAR’s Visual Schedule Board links customer-purchase-work orders to inventory availability, work-in-process and machine schedules to provide real-time information for production schedulers, customer services, buyers and shippers.

Inventory Control

Purchasing, Receiving and Warehouse Management

Quality Control Specifications and Tests


The on-line cost roll-up supports processes across mini steel mills and single and multi-site steel service centers.

Workflow Management

The Workflow Management includes e-mail notification and event triggered action messages to enhance flow of material across full service supply chain, customer services, purchasing, manufacturing and warehouse locations.


Financials include the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank Services, budgeting and financial statement generation. Drill-downs are integrated with source transactions across the Enterprise Software application suite. Multicompany Financial Consolidation reporting is provided for domestic business operations and across global business locations at the selected currency.