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Roll Goods Processing

Roll Goods Processing

JOMAR’s Software Solutions for Roll Goods Processing can be reinforced with selected platform independent software components of our web-based Enterprise Business Software application suite and integrated with third party software solutions for plastic, rubber, paper, steel coils and cables.

Roll Goods for Industry Sectors

Roll Goods Processing Software Functions

Inventory Control

Inventory Control provides for on-line 'Availability Check' by quality, SKU, lot, plastic, paper or fabric roll, steel coil (by heat number), wire spools and cables by specifications, carton, and shipping containers. Multiple units of measure are provided for length, weight and volume including conversion from metric to imperial measures. Inventory is integrated with MRP, purchasing and customer services.

Warehouse management

Warehouse management is supported by a Bin Locator system and R.F. picking lists with touch-screens, special packaging software functions and the distribution release for picking and packing large volume shipments to chain stores, customers and warehouses or regional distribution centers.


Complete tracking is provided from raw material to the finished product by quality, SKU, lot, batch, roll, coil, serial number, pallet and roll to semi-finished and finished product.