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Preventive Maintenance Repair & Warranty Claims

JOMAR's PMR – Preventive Maintenance Repair Software can be configured to meet the scope and scalability of small to midsize companies and multinational corporations.

PMR Application Areas

Integration of JOMAR's Enterprise Software with PMR

Purchasing Management

Equipment Utilization

Downtime of equipment is part of the maintenance, repair and equipment utilization reporting.

PM Frequency Calculations

The Frequency Calculations for Preventive Maintenance can be based on: Running Hours, Pieces Produced and Age of Equipment. Specific company criteria can also be used for Preventive Maintenance Frequency Calculations.

Scheduling with JOMAR's Visual Schedule Board

Schedules consider the capacity of available ‘skill type’ resources and tools, parts, materials and supplies available. Parts in Inventory or parts on order from suppliers can be allocated to maintenance or repair orders.

Preventive Maintenance Schedules are based on the Frequency Calculations of the pre-determined equipment maintenance routines.

Daily, weekly, monthly and periodic maintenance routines or procedures (by equipment) are part of the frequency calculations. Equipment repair schedules are comprised of regular (or planned) repair orders. Emergency repair orders are inserted in the repair order schedule.

Maintenance and repair orders can be displayed by date over a selected schedule horizon. The Schedule Board allows to set-up a timeline for review – monthly, weekly, daily and by shift of maintenance, repair and refurbishing schedules.

R.F. Data Collection

Equipment maintenance, reconditioning and repair data is collected with barcoded orders. Material issues and purchasing receipts can also be barcoded for data collection. The repair and maintenance data collected is integrated with Inventory and Production Control. Materials, Supplies and Time are recorded against a Repair or Maintenance Order (i.e. Work Order) by equipment model or serial number.  This data is the basis of the Repair and Service Cost History for management decision support.

Repair Parts Inventory Control

Repair Parts 'Availability' by item, assembly, software control unit (release level), repair kit, raw material and supplies are integrated with Repair Order Control. The Repair Parts Inventory is tracked by item and serial number, steel coil (heat number) and type of cable or coils of wire.

PMR Costing and History Data

The on-line 'cost roll-up' provides maintenance and repair costs by major assemblies and the total PMR cost by equipment. Maintenance routines and repair orders (or procedures) can be set-up for major assemblies and equipment if the cost break-out is required in this format. PMR Costing includes materials (parts), labor (direct or indirect) and outside services.

The repair and service cost history is maintained for review of the maintenance and repair costs by equipment model.

The cost of major equipment repair requests can be assessed based on defect problem diagnoses and the repair and service cost history in the equipment data base. Repair and cost history data assists PMR management in scheduling a major repair or reconditioning job and in planning of capital equipment acquisitions.


The Annual Plan for equipment maintenance, repair and reconditioning provides the data for manpower and parts requirements planning. Manpower requirements are based on 'skill type' (Mechanics, Electricians) required for the Preventive Maintenance Routines stored in the PMR data base. Planning for major equipment repairs and reconditioning is based on specific equipment and the repair or reconditioning procedures. The implementation of planning software is optional.