JOMAR Enterprise +ebusiness software “Reliable customer services for advanced ERP Software released in 1982 and
web-based Enterprise Software for open architecture IT solutions since 2000”

Customer Services

Project Management and Implementation

Our professional staff implements the complete Enterprise Software application suite, or modules thereof, in single manufacturing plants, multiplant operations and vertically integrated plants with distribution centers.

JOMAR provides project management assistance to our customers’ project team and their end-users

The Conference Room Pilot (CRP) implementation methodology has been successfully used by our customers in the past to:

Software Upgrades

Software enhancements, based on current technology, are provided on a regular basis. New Software Releases combine the software enhancements for upgrading our customers’ installation based on their business requirements and approved budgets.

Software Application Training

Education and training is provided for our customers' management, project teams, end-users and IT staff in the application and use of JOMAR's Enterprise Software. Training can be conducted at the customers' site and over the Internet, or at the JOMAR U.S. and Canadian offices.

Technology Sessions

Technology sessions are provided for our customers' IT staff in the selection, installation and set-up of the chosen platform. Emphasis is placed on new IT capabilities using the Internet and mobile software to streamline our customers' domestic and global business operations. Special hands-on training sessions are also provided for JOMAR’s web-based software and multi-platform technology.