Innovative Industry-Specific ERP

On the Private Cloud or On-Premise

Innovative Next Generation ERP Software Solutions

Scalable for Vertically Integrated small
to mid-sized companies and
multi-national corporations

ERP for Process & Mixed Mode Manufacturing


  • 38 Years of Experience Developing and Implementing Manufacturing Systems
  • Best Practices Implemented across the full ERP Application Suite
  • Promotes Innovative thinking and change throughout the Organization
  • Flexible and Configurable Process Manufacturing Functions and Features
  • Adaptable Business processes drive the transformation to new Products, Markets and the implementation of new Manufacturing methods
  • A True Enterprise wide system that seamlessly integrates manufacturing for multiple Business Units and vertically integrated plants across the organization
  • Facilitates and speeds up the launch and implementation of new Products and Services
  • Simplifies the acquisition and merging of new Companies, Assets and Business Units
  • Scalable, Modern Current Technology Built for the Private and Public Cloud
  • Manufacturing Low Cost Competitive objectives are supported through modern design concepts, Configurable Business Rules and continuous adoption of new proven technology
  • Open Technology Framework supports integration of eCommerce and Virtual Markets
  • Implemented by small independent and multi-plant vertically integrated operations


Plastics, Composites, Polymers & Rubber
Manufacturing Processes
  • Injection and Compression Molding
  • Laminating and Hot Stamping
  • Extrusion and Thermoforming
  • Plastic Roll Tracking, Slitting and Cutting
  • Palletizing and Compounding/Mixing
  • Recycling (regrinding, crushing and liquefying)

JOMAR’s Software Features
  • User defined product attributes and variables (color, length, width, thickness, etc.)
  • Formula management and recipe processing for resins, compounding  and mixing
  • Multiple units of measure:
    • SKU (each), meters, feet, kilos and pounds
    • roll, film, sheet, bag and case
  • Conversion from metric to imperial units:
    • meters to feet and kilos to pounds
    • square meters to square feet
  • Inventory Control by SKU, quality, lot, roll, film, sheet, pallet and shipping container
  • End to end roll tracking for receipts, WIP and finished goods
  • Forward and backward roll tracking supports cut, slit and parent rolls
  • Quality specifications and QC control tests by roll, film and sheet with test history
  • Inspection and grading by roll, film and plastic sheets
  • Inventory and Costing to five + decimal precision
  • Units of Measure – i.e. rolls, feet, bag and case, pound
  • Support for engineered to order and make to stock
  • Integration with PDM – Product Data Management for Product Design and Product Development
  • Linking of images, artwork, drawings and sketches to sales orders
  • User defined machine and machine group set-up and run specification by product, customer and customer order
  • Bills of material and routings (multilevel and multiplant):
    • from raw material to semi-finished and finished products
    • through vertically integrated plants
    • alternate routings for machines and processes
  • Machine, die and item relationships
  • Mold and machine matching for mold and die availability check
  • Packaging options
Our Customers’ Products
  • Aerospace thermoplastic composites
  • Nylon resins for plastics and composites
  • PVC adhesives for HVAC products/windows
  • Continuous sheeting, films and tapes
  • Plastic containers and recycling bins
  • Plastic packaging material with Roll Tracking, Slitting and Cutting
  • Molded insoles
  • Fiber reinforced plastics and composites for boats, skates, surf boards, hockey sticks and tennis rackets
  • Blood pressure cuffs, infusion bags and stretchers
  • Automotive and truck tire cord
  • Airsprings for heavy trucks and buses
  • Tires for off-road vehicles
  • Tubes for trucks, trailers, farm and ATV vehicles
  • Flotation devices and inflatable boats
  • Conveyor belts, hoses and water bags
ERP Distribution and Warehousing


The JOMAR Distribution and Warehousing Solution includes Configurable Business Rules and core functions to manage the full business processing cycle in a Distribution and Warehousing Operation. The flexible Enterprise configuration supports any combination of Centralized, Regional and Branch warehouse locations.

Call Center Order Entry, Web Site Shopping Cart same day shipments, EDI Retail and Automotive Releases are fully integrated and supported by automated inventory allocation and creation of distribution releases that are routed to the warehouse closest to the customer for shipment.  

The system functions include replenishment planning, configurable rules for auto allocation, movement of material, scheduling of resources, dynamic configuration of wave releases, fabrication and final picking/packaging to detail customer specifications such as those required in the Retail Industry.

The system supports pick and pack operations, bulk goods and roll goods. Roll goods can be cut and/or slit, packed into a carton and palletized, stacked on a pallet or shrink wrapped individually for final shipment to the customer.  Cartons and Pallets can then be loaded into containers and tracked by container for domestic or international shipments.


Call Center Customer Hub 

  • Draft Orders
  • Order History
  • Popular Items
  • Frequently Ordered Items
  • Return History
  • Contacts
  • Linked Customers
  • Entry of Draft Orders for Pending Customers

Order Creation from Customer History                               

  • Previous Orders
  • Frequently Ordered
  • Popular Items
  • Take and hold a draft order by “Call Number” for later approval
  • Promotional Items
  • Cross-Sell Items
  • Up-Sell Items
  • Alternative Items
  • Automatic Allocation of Inventory
    • By Item
    • By Full Roll or Cuts

Consolidated View of Inventory Across Multiple Branches

  • Open Orders by Item
  • Inventory By Branch
  • Inventory by Warehouse
  • Piece level Inventory

Customers Pending Approval

  • Options to enter a sales order request for a new/pending customer for later approval
  • Option to view and approve orders for pending customers

Call Center Configuration

  • Customer Branch
  • Linked Item
  • Promotion Item
  • Pending Customer

Distribution Functions and Processes

  • Release Orders By Wave
    • Dynamic/Configurable Wave Rules
    • Generation of Tasks associated with a Wave
    • Assignment of Tasks to individual Resources
    • Report Start and Stop times on assigned tasks
    • Task assignment based on configurable resource rules
    • Zone assignment by Bin – Picking sequence and Put-away sequence
    • Transfers between branches
    • Pick Reporting and Processing
    • Cut and Packing reporting stations
  • Automatic Wave Release
    • Option to schedule waves based on wave type for selected days and times
  • Branch Replenishment
    • Configurable rules based replenishment / transfers between branches
    • Replenishment from Vendors

  • Visibility
  • Tasks Assigned by Resource (Picking, Movements, Put-away, Cutting, Packing)
    • Roll Cutting Schedule
    • Packing Schedule
    • Bin Status
    • Resource Profile
    • Truck/Cart Profile
    • Zone Profile
    • Shipping Manifest process
    • Transfer Receiving process
  • Warehouse and Distribution Configuration
    • Task Maintenance
      • Linked to BOM Activities to measure performance (Standard vs. Task reporting)
    • Wave Rule Maintenance
    • Bin Size and Zone Maintenance
    • Resource Maintenance
    • Truck/Cart Maintenance

Third Party Software Integration

  • Shipping
  • Taxes
  • credit card payment
  • address validation
  • E-commerce / Shopping Cart

ERP for Advanced Technical & Performance Textiles



  • 38 Years of Experience from focusing on the Textile Industry
  • Best Practices Implemented across the full Textile Application Suite
  • Promotes Innovative thinking and change throughout the Organization
  • Flexible and Configurable Textile Specific Functionality
  • Adaptable Business processes drive the transformation to new Products, Markets and the implementation of new Manufacturing methods
  • A True Enterprise wide system that seamlessly integrates manufacturing for multiple Business Units and vertically integrated plants across the organization
  • Facilitates and speeds up the launch and implementation of new Products and Services
  • Simplifies the acquisition and merging of new Companies, Assets and Business Units
  • Scalable, Modern Current Technology Built for the Private and Public Cloud
  • Manufacturing Low Cost Competitive objectives are supported through modern design concepts, Configurable Business Rules and continuous adoption of new proven technology
  • Open Technology Framework supports integration of eCommerce and Virtual Markets
  • Implemented by largest North American Vertically Integrated Textile Operations

  • Small and Medium sized Operations are implementing on the JOMAR low cost Private Cloud


The JOMAR Textile Solution includes flexible user configurable processes that can be adapted to reflect the unique production sequence and flow of materials for any given product in a manufacturer’s single or multi plant vertically integrated operation.

The following are examples of configurable production process flows through a core group of textile operations that can be set up within a single plant or a multi-plant vertically integrated operation.

  • Ship to End Customer
  • Internal Material Issue to Greige Department
  • External Transfer to Third Party Greige Mill Sub-Contractor
  • Transfer to Company Owned Vertical Griege Mill

  • Ship to End Customer
  • Internal Material Issue to Finishing Department
  • External Transfer to Third Party Finishing Mill Sub-Contractor
  • Transfer to Company Owned Vertical Finishing Plant

  • Ship to End Customer
  • Internal Material Issue to Cut & Sew Department
  • External Transfer to Third Party Cut & Sew Sub-Contractor
  • Transfer to Company Owned Cut & Sew Plant

  • Ship to End Customer
  • Transfer to Third Party Warehouse

  • Transfer to Company Owned Regional or Central Warehouse

JOMAR Supports the following Unique Textile Operations

  • Commission Yarn, Dyeing, Greige Fabric and Finishing Operations
  • Converters and Associated Services
  • Custom and Specialty Fabrics

Advanced Performance & Technical Textile Specific Functionality 

JOMAR Innovative ERP Advanced Textiles Software provides proven Textile Manufacturing Processes from Fiber to Finished Fabric to Final Product. The following is a summary of some of the proven Textile specific functions implemented at small, medium sized and global multi-plant JOMAR clients:

  • Business Unit supports unlimited vertically integrated Plants
  • Plants support unlimited Warehouses
  • Automated Plant Transfer and Receipt Process
  • Subcontracting Services can be set up as Internal Operation or Separate Plant
  • Automatic Generation of Purchase Order for Services to Subcontractor
  • Auto Assignment of WIP Roll Goods to Transfer and Subcontractor Purchase Order
  • Roll Goods Processing includes:
    • Batching unlimited number of Rolls of same Style into a single roll
    • Cutting support for multiple cuts of variable lengths to a single roll
    • Slitting of single roll into multiple panels of variable widths
    • Automatic Parent Roll update from Batching Cutting and Slitting processes
    • Traceability of Parent to Child Roll
    • Quality and Lot Tracking by Roll
    • Multiple Imperial and Metric Units of Measure by Roll
      • Imperial (Yards and Pounds) and Metric (Meters and Kilos)
      • User Defined Primary Unit of Measure
  • Quality Assurance Tests and Approval by Roll and Lot
  • Item Roll Reclassification
  • Customer Owned Commission Roll Goods Processing
  • Laminating Process combines Rolls with Different Substrates (Styles) into a Single Roll
  • BOM Recipe and Formula Management
  • Quality Control Testing Templates by Product, Activity, Machine, Customer, Vendor
  • Product Specifications by Product, Activity, Machine, Customer
  • Auto Assignment of Finished Roll Production to Sales Order
  • Allocation of Rolls by Quality, Lot and Item Specific Characteristics
  • Palletizing and Case Packing for Cut, Slit Rolls and Bulk Items
  • Barcode Tracking through all material receipt, production, and shipping processes

Our Customers Products

Engineered and Performance Materials
Military Products
Fire Resistant Fabric
Aerospace and Advanced Composites
Geotex and Geosynthetics Projects
Automotive Interiors and Parts
Sports Products with Fabric reinforced Plastics

Trade Shows


ERP Visual Schedule Board

The Visual Schedule Board integrates workflow management and links customer-purchase-work orders to inventory availability, work-in-process and machine schedules providing managers, buyers and shippers with real-time information to improve customer services.

Separate Visual Schedule Boards by Department

The Visual Schedule Board can be configured and modified for activity scheduling by department and reinforced with workflow management for event-triggered action messages and e-mail notifications.

  • Field Services crew scheduling and coordination of job site activities in Utilities and Construction
  • Manufacturing Execution System
  • Supply Chain Management with tracking (over the internet), order/shipping status and inventory levels at the subcontractors’ location
  • Product design and development
  • Customer services, purchasing, suppliers and subcontractors
  • Warehouse and distribution centers
  • Preventive Maintenance and Repair

WIP Work in Progress Schedule Board

To increase visibility of job schedules across departments, the WIP Board provides for sales order inquiries by order line items linked to work orders, customer ship to, sold to and credit information.  The user can also search by customer top accounts, departments, machine groups, job type and job status.

Visual Schedule Board Capabilities

  • Forward and Backward Scheduling of work orders from ‘Timeline Guide’
  • Orders can be split across multiple machines or merged onto a single machine
  • Machine time can be ‘locked-in’ on a customer or order basis and ‘unlocked’ for rescheduling
  • Multi-level bills of material and process/routings are supported across multi-plant operations
  • Job duration and end-date algorithm consider downtime for all calendar types and settings
  • Standard weekly schedules with daily overrides are provided for ease of use
  • Grab, drag and drop a single or group of scheduled work orders
  • Vertically shaded bars represent machine downtime, weekends, holidays and vacation period to allow for scheduling between non-working days
  • Machine and product specifications are accessible for on-line scheduling override
  • Dependencies are visually identified and adjusted in a ‘what if’ scenario
  • Viewing and booking of unscheduled machine time

Set-up by Department and Cost Center

  • Equipment Setup – machines that belong to machine group with manufacturing parameters and capacity in hours/days
  • Bill of Material/Process Sheet Set-up – for each work order there should be an associated BOM and Process sheet with quantity and time that determine capacity and schedule requirements

Schedule Board Set-up and Definitions

Timeline can be set in days, hours, half hours and minutes

Calendars can be set at the plant, department, machine group and/or machine level

Machine List Filter allows for selection by department, machine group list, work order and linked work orders.

Legends can be defined and selected by job (work order), product, customer purchase order, job type and sales order type (i.e. domestic or export order, etc.).  Users can also define legends for selecting and locating work orders on the Visual Schedule Board.

  • Selection of Job Status Category have drop-down combo-box to associate a different color for each status: job closed, running late, job (scheduling) conflict and (job) to be scheduled
  • Select Job Type Category for: stock order, customer sample and sales order by associating a different color with each entry
  • Define Machine Group and Customer Colors


ERP Roll Goods Processing


Roll Goods Processing can be implemented independently or with a sub-set of JOMAR ERP  Modules and integrated  with third party software solutions for plastic, rubber, paper, steel coils and cables.

Roll Goods for Industry Sectors

  • Rolls of engineered performance materials for ballistic, fire and chemical protection
  • Performance fabric rolls for technical and industrial textiles, furniture, awnings, upholstery, automotive, marine, sports, medical and hygiene products
  • Fabric Rolls by style for home fashions and apparel/sewn products
  • Rolls for Floor Covering (i.e. carpets, matting, vinyl and laminates)
  • Plastic Rolls for industry and consumer packaging
  • Paper Rolls for forestry products
  • Steel Coils with tracking by heat number in Steel Service Centers
  • Wire Spools, Reels, Coils and Rolls – screening, netting and mesh fabrics for windows or doors, sun control fabrics and construction reinforcement materials
  • Cables and Wire Coils for electric power transmission lines, communications networks and fiber optics

Roll Goods Processing Software Functions

  • Assignment of rolls or steel coils to customer orders
  • Manufacturing order allocation of assigned and unassigned rolls or coils
  • Inventory availability by quality of roll, coil and cable across plants and warehouses
  • Bill of material, recipe formula and dyelot management
  • Product and machine specifications, laboratory specifications and quality control tests with test history by lot, roll, coil and type of cable
  • Cutting and slitting rolls and steel coils with traceability to original parent roll or coil



JOMAR Financial Management Software is an integrated suite that includes General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Bank services integrated with the full suite of Manufacturing and Distribution Applications.

Bank Services

  • Electronic bank reconciliation – processing of electronic bank information to support check reconciliation
  • On-line check reconciliation with automatic posting to General Ledger

Financial Statement Generator

  • Simplified set-up of financial statement format via identification of accounts by ‘Wildcard’ and ‘Range’ combinations
  • On-line (summary and detailed) financial statement inquiry with journal postings for supporting detail
  • Dynamic mix and match of financial statement column layouts to account statement formats

Automated load to Excel for subsequent reporting.

Other Features of Financial Software Applications

  • Full Intercompany transaction processing with all financial software modules
  • Powerful ‘As of’ reporting for Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable to support auditing requirements
  • Account history of all postings in financial modules
  • Reprint capability for posting reports
  • Seamless integration of financial software modules with the manufacturing and warehouse distribution modules
  • Drill-down from GL, AR and AP transactions to Inventory, sales and purchasing source documents

Documents can be scanned, stored, retrieved and appended to important accounting or legal records

Multicompany Financial Consolidation – reporting of alternate groupings for multinational business operations at a selected currency:

  • Automated elimination entries
  • User defined direct-subsidiary discount linkages
  • Unlimited number of user-defined consolidation scenarios
  • Rollup capability for automatic summarization of accounts within the consolidation company with drill-down to account
  • Consolidation across multi-currency companies to a common reporting currency


  • Multi-currency for GL, AR and AP integrated with financial reporting
  • Extensive multicurrency intercompany transaction processing. Automatic exchange rate calculations support intercompany journal entries involving companies with different domestic currencies
  • Inquiries support presentation of both domestic and foreign currency amounts
  • Streamlined journal entries in foreign currency with automatic calculation of domestic equivalent based on currency table
  • Computer generation of unrealized exchange gain/loss postings with automatic reversal
  • Capability for a customer to carry invoices and credit memos in any number of currencies at any one time
  • Capability for a vendor to carry invoices in any number of currencies at any one time
  • Automatic posting of realized exchange gain/loss cash application for multi-currency invoices
  • Check Run allows for any currency with automatic posting of realized exchange gain /loss for multi-currency payments

Third Party Software Integration

  • MS Excel and Word documents are linked to journal entries, invoices, credit memos, adjustments and other accounting transactions
  • GL, AR and AP applications export data to Microsoft Excel for reporting and graphic analysis of financial information
  • Upload of budgets from Excel



  • Assemblies
  • Molded Parts
  • Interiors
  • Tires

Aerospace and Advanced Composites

Awnings and Rigid Structures


  • Roofing Material
  • Road Surface Reinforcement

Consumer Goods

Environmental Protection

  • Filtration Air and Water
  • Oil Booms
  • Soil Erosion Prevention
  • Reservoir Water Preservation Lining Barriers
  • Recycling Plastics

Fire Protection

Geotex and Geosynthetics

Military Products

  • Camouflage
  • Inflatable Boats
  • Infrared Reflective Materials
  • Soft and Hard Body Armor






Sealants and Adhesives


  • Athletic Footwear
  • Hunting & Hiking Apparel


Industry Specific ERP Functionality

Automotive Release Processing

Fabrication and Assembly

Make to Order Job Shops

Process and Repetitive Manufacturing

Polymers and Plastics

Roll Goods, Slitting, Cutting and Tracking

Steel Coil Processing and Tracking

Technical and Performance Textiles